Anyone can breathe. So anyone can practice yoga. (T.K.V. Desikachar)

Spend more time together to practice yoga and deepen your awareness of being simply. Yoga retreats and workshops are a unique opportunity of half a day to a week to learn to love, disconnect and listen to each other.


Two passions combined, a perfect marriage! Have you already practiced yoga on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea? YOGA & VELA retreats are an unforgettable experience. We practice yoga in the morning or at sunset in the evening, we sail to discover the islands, many baths, healthy food and many new friends for a wonderfully vital holiday. 


When yoga is combined with nature, regenerating synergies are created for mind and body. For a weekend or a week, we share the practice of yoga and meditation, personal growth, delicious meals and lots of relaxation under the Tuscan sun.

25-27 June 2021

9-11 July 2021

Week-end Yoga Retreat

Piancastagnaio (Siena)


  • PRENATAL YOGA FAMILY for pregnant couples to prepare for childbirth with yoga practice
  • INTEGRAL YOGA to deepen the practice of asanas and other aspects of the discipline
  • .YOGA & SOUND for a deep and balancing practice with the sound of bells and gongs
  • YOGA FAMILY to share a playful practice with kids and parents

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Yoga not only changes the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees them.

B.K.S. Iyengar

“Stephany’s classes are a precious moment to relax and recharge!”

Martina M.

“Beautiful experience to try in pregnancy! So much serenity, peace and many smiles!

Irene B.

“Thanks Stephany! !! With you and your yoga all the worries of the day are gone…”

Tizianna B.


Where you can practise with me?

Florence – Fiesole – Pontassieve

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