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Why yoga in the office?


More and more companies are discovering the practice of yoga. Assicurazioni Generali, Distillerie Branca, Adecco are just some of the big Italian companies that already follow the example of international groups such as Google or Ikea, which have been introducing yoga in the company for several years.

Yoga in the office is not a fashion, but a resource that gives excellent results to companies and especially to their employees. In fact, yoga is not only movement, but represents a discipline that unites body and mind.

The benefits for the company are among others: an increase in company membership, team sinergy and an improvement in work results and performance at 360°.

Yoga in the office for a well-conscious lunch break.

How does it work?

Practicing yoga and meditation in the office does not require investment in equipment. Just a room large enough to accommodate people, their mats and you’re done!

Spending an hour practicing yoga means loving each other. Beginners or advanced, everyone can do the same sequence of positions: yoga gives confidence in our ability to face new challenges, new forms of balance even on a professional level.

It is no secret that work is often very stressful and yoga is a perfect antidote. Stress, if neglected, generates mood changes, leads to less brilliant performances, penalized by anxiety. Yoga postures, accompanied by correct breathing, relax and give an improvement in the oxygenation of tissues, including the brain: better than that!

Are you interested and want to start a yoga course in your company?

Write me at: or call me at +393339824162

Are you interested and want to start a yoga course in your company?

Write me at: or call me at +393339824162


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